February 2013

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This month...

...we hope you like our 'Edition of Firsts'. In the Life Sciences section this month there are articles on novel therapies and treatments plus a look at some of the history of the life sciences and even of the Earth itself. Enjoy!


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Also in Life Sciences

Milk: dairy versus soya - an impartial comparison

Jasmine Parkinson

Which milk is better for you and for the environment - dairy or soya?

The Magic of Medicine: Gene Therapy

Claire Asher

An introduction to what gene therapy is and how it works.

Overview of Stem Cells

Jennifer Wood

What exactly are stem cells? And why might they be useful to us?

An A to Z of firsts in science and medicine

Ruth Steer

A look at the some of the milestones that we have passed in the life sciences.

Were the first 'hobbits' really from the Shire?

Sophie Armshaw

Always thought that hobbits were just something in Tolkein's stories? Some of our distant relatives may have shared some hobbit characteristics.

The Miller-Urey Experiment:the first building blocks of life

Geraint Langford

How did life start on Earth? This famous experiment was the first to show how amino acids could have been generated in Earth's early history.

Providing huge discoveries

James Sciberras

Ever thought about doing a PhD? A PhD student discusses what they're all about.

Ladies and gentlemen, give him a hand!

Marissa Maciej

A look at the first British hand transplant...

Fast food: the first GM fish is ready for our plates

Alice Tobin

Would you eat a genetically modified salmon? The first genetically modified salmon has been approved for human consumption in the US.